Hunting Holidays in Ireland

At Ryans River Lodge we are well established to cater for shooting holidays in Ireland, which include driven Woodcock Shooting and Snipe and Duck shooting.
Woodcock and Snipe Shoot
The River Lodge Woodcock and Snipe Shoot is one of the few quality registered shoots in Ireland.  There are many woodcock shoots in Ireland, but very few in the Association Game Shoot Operators of Ireland, of which we are one of the founding members. Thanks to our membership of the A.G.S.O.I. we are able to rent vast areas of land and forest from the Irish government as well as all the private land that we use, and this rules out the possibility of over-shooting for our guests. We can guarantee that our guests see plenty of game and wildlife on the terrain that we cover.
What makes us stand out is that we have 100% repeat business and are on first name terms our loyal customers, many of whom have become regular guests and friends at River Lodge.
The River Lodge Woodcock and Snipe shoot has been proudly running for four generations. The Ryan family run hunting holidays in the world famous Ashford and Guinness Estates, where the world record for Woodcock still stands to this day!  David and Martha both avid hunters now run the family business. The scenery and landscape lends itself well for your hunting holiday in Ireland.  We do all ourWoodcock and Snipe shooting in our local area so we never have to travel far to the hunt and we only shoot an area once per season to ensure that our guests see plenty of woodcock and other game birds.  As we have the exclusive rights  for hunting over this area we can guarantee a great shooting holiday for you and your guests.
On the shoot we work Springer Spaniels and Labradors, we breed our own dogs for the shoot and train them from puppys, we have an amazing team of dogs.
Our Shooting Guests
Our clients come from all over the world and always return. We have received spectacular reviews in both “The Shooting Sportsman” which is America’s biggest shooting magazine and in the world famous “Shooting Times”. Both magazines said that we are one of the best Woodcock and Snipe shoots in the World!  What better review to have when running shooting holidays in Ireland.
Booking a Shooting Holiday in Ireland
To shoot in Ireland from overseas you must complete the “non resident firearms application form”.  When travelling from the E.U. you will also require an Original European Firearms Pass, a copy of your hunting licence and a copy of your Personal Hunting Insurance. When travelling from the U.S and outside the E.U. you only require a copy of your Hunting Licence and a copy of your Personal Hunting Insurance. These documents and the fee for each gun stated on you application must be sent to us in advance of your arrival. We would request that the applications are sent all together for the group as it causes less confusion and less chance of loss.Once we receive them we will look after the rest and return them to you along with your Irish Hunting Licence. This process usually takes about 3/4 weeks. Applications can be submitted from May onwards.
Our shooting package is inclusive of lunch, guides and is subject to a non-refundable deposit. Shooting parties are normally from six to ten people and companions are most welcome. Guests normally arrive on Sunday, shoot for five days, and depart on the following Saturday. We will organise all your accommodation and dining needs. We also organise all the application forms and licences to make things as easy as possible for our guests.
We are looking forward to welcoming you and your guests on one of our shooting packages.



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